A distillery focused on the production of rectified spirits, denatured spirits, special denatured spirits, anhydrous alcohol and extra neutral alcohol required a water treatment system to meet their environmental sustainability goals. To recycle and reuse the effluent from the plant, the client decided to install an effluent treatment plant (ETP).

Das ETP verfügt über eine konventionelle biologische Behandlung, gefolgt von einem tertiären Behandlungssystem. Die Destillerie plante, das mit ETP behandelte Wasser mithilfe von Umkehrosmose für ihre Prozess- und Versorgungszwecke wie Kühlturm-Zusatzwasser und Flaschenreinigung zu recyceln.

To ensure high quality permeate, the distillery decided to select ultrafiltration (UF) as an additional filtration step to get the required turbidity and ensures consistent product water quality suitable as feed for the downstream reverse osmosis (RO) process required for reuse. The parameters required for the RO feed water are SDI <3, Turbidity <0.2 NTU.

Since a high feed turbidity of up to 50 NTU was anticipated in the feed to the ultrafiltration system, the client decided to select PVDF-based outside-in UF membranes due to their capability to filter water with a high feed turbidity. The distillery evaluated various outside-in UF membrane options; the evaluation was based on the membrane surface area, the ability to withstand higher feed water turbidity and amount of waste generation. The system integrator finally selected Q-SEP 8012 UF membrane modules because of the following advantages they offer:

1. High membrane area of 80 m, requiring a lower number of membrane modules and footprint, resulting in capex savings for the distillery.

2. Die Fähigkeit, Futtertrübungen von bis zu 100 NTU dauerhaft zu widerstehen.

3. Higher product recoveries due to a lower amount of UF filtrate used for maintenance cleaning.


Modell: Q-SEP® 8012
Q-SEP-Membranen: 25 Nummern
Permeate Flow: 92m/hr (405 gpm)
Anwendung: ETP-Abwasserrecycling
Inbetriebnahme: Oktober 2020

QUA has supplied 25 Q-SEP® 8012 modules which are installed after the distillery’s tertiary treatment system as a pretreatment to the reverse osmosis system. The performance of Q-SEP PVDF outside in membranes on the distillery effluent has been very encouraging. The ultrafiltration system was commissioned in October 2020, and has been delivering consistent product flow and water quality since then. The product water turbidity has been consistently less than 0.2 NTU and Silt Density Index has been less than 3. Q-SEP UF membranes thus provided a consistent, durable solution for the distillery’s process water needs.


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