Fractional Electrodeionization Process-2HF Specifications

Fractional Electrodeionization Process-2HF Specifications

electrodeionization processFractional Electrodeionization Process-2HF

Fractional Electrodeionization Process (FEDI) stacks are QUA’s patented technology designed to produce high purity water.  The process uses a double sets of electrodes per stack. QUA’s FEDI technology produces pure water continuously without the use of regeneration chemicals. Applications include the semiconductor, power, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

FEDI-2HF Features

The stacks are designed for operation after double pass reverse osmosis. The stack has ability to produce high purity water with high flow rate using “Split Flow Electrodeionization” Technology.

  • High stack flow up to 8.4 m³/hr (37 gpm)
  • Superior product quality up to 16
  • Low voltage requirement
  • Meets water specifications for high pressure boilers and gas turbines
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