Project Description

CeraQ™ Ceramic Membranes Provide Robust Solution For Automotive Parts ManufacturingCeraQ Solution

Project Background

An automotive parts manufacturing plant was using a polymeric membrane to remove oil from water it used to rinse parts. The
rinse water contained between 6% and 7% oil and the customer wanted to remove >95% of the oil from the water so the water could be reused in the plant. The polymeric membranes were irreversibly fouled and required replacement every two months. The plant started evaluating alternative membrane products to reduce the costly membrane replacement.

QUA Solution

The customer selected QUA CeraQ membranes due to QUA’s experience in water and wastewater purification. The QUA CeraQ membranes are tubular and operate in an inside-out configuration. The tubular design reduces the permeate pressure drop and allows the system to operate at a lower pressure with a high permeate flux. The membrane is an alumina based ceramic membrane with a proprietary coating that ensures long service life and a high degree of permeate recovery.

Application: Oil removal from rinsing auto parts
Location: Abruzzo, Italy
CeraQ Model: CQ50
Pore Size: 0.05 μm
Total Permeate Flow Rate: 400 liters/hour (~2 gpm)

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