A company working in the pharmaceutical industry was in need of a new EDI stack. Their current EDI stack had stopped performing, which was disrupting their production. QUA was able to provide our FEDI-Rx technology in just two days, which avoided production loss for the client!QUA case study Horiba Fedi Emailer


FEDI-Rx stacks are a pharmaceutical grade water system featuring hot water sanitation ability at 85°C. These stacks have the ability to produce high purity water quality up to 18 MΩcm using a patented process with double sets of electrodes per stack. FEDI-Rx stacks are available in four sizes (5X, 10X, 20X & 30X). These stacks have widespread application in Pharmaceutical, Biomedical & Laboratories where hot water sanitation is required.

FDA Compliant and CE Certified, FEDI-Rx overcomes the limitations of conventional EDI. The EDI recovery process is dependent on feed water hardness and may lead to reduced module efficiency and reliability with variable and challenging conditions. FEDI-Rx can successfully avoid potential hardness issues and provide an efficient process to product better quality water due to its patented two stage design.

FEDI-Rx for the pharmaceutical sector, another advanced product with globally proven FEDI quality, is manufactured at QUA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. QUA’s representative was available at client site throughout commissioning of the stack, and worked closely with the OEM and client engineers to ensure that pharma grade water quality was delivered.

For more information on QUA’s FEDI-Rx technology, click here.