QUA’s EnviQ Technology was featured in Treatment Plant Operator’s November Issue under the product focus section. You can read the excerpt from the article below:(LOW RES) QUA EnviQ MBR Photo Retouched
EnviQ flat sheet submerged ultrafiltration membranes from QUA are engineered to improve the ease and efficiency of operation and maintenance of MBR facilities while offering a smaller water footprint and a higher-quality effluent. They offer ultrafiltration quality product water using a stronger flat sheet membrane. They consist of reverse diffusion and air diffusers, which maximize scrubbing efficiency, lower pressure, and reduce cleaning. The membranes have billions of microscopic pores on the surface that form a barrier to impurities. They provide consistent and high-quality effluent using an advanced PVDF-reinforced membrane and diffuser system. Its air diffuser design maintains a continuous flow of consistently sized air bubbles. This prevents solids from settling at the bottom of the tank or sticking to the membrane surface, thus eliminating septic conditions.”
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