AuthorLarry Millar

Changes in EDI since 1987

Check out this article in Ultra Pure Water Magazine written by our own Fred Wiesler.  Here is a preview :   Electrodeionization (EDI) technology has evolved over the last 30 years to become a recognized process for final polishing of RO permeate water. In the first years of its development, pretreat-ment was not so well […]

2017 Everything About Water Expo

QUA is participating in the 14th EverythingAboutWater Expo 2017 and is showcasing its technology and diverse range of membrane products. REDEFINING THE INDIAN WATER INDUSTRY With increasing consumption of water in agriculture and industry and increased potable water requirements, India is expected to be severely water stressed by the year 2025. Rapid industrialization and growing […]

Ultra Pure Water Microelectronics Show – Portland, OR

Qua is proud to be exhibiting at the Ultrapure Water Microelectronics show in Portland, Oregon on May 31st and June 1st.  We will highlighting our FEDI (Fractional Electrodeionization) Technology as a solution for the microelectronics industry.  Here’s a brief summary of our FEDI : FEDI Technology Making a good technology even better There are two […]