Project Description


The client, a coal fired power plant located in a center-east state of India, had a requirement of a water treatment system to recycle the plant’s cooling tower blowdown water. Ultrafiltration was selected as the pretreatment of choice to the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant. UF was required in the tertiary treatment to provide consistent product water with low silt density index (SDI) to safeguard the downstream RO unit from colloidal fouling.

Q-SEP Model: Q-SEP® 6008
Total Q-SEP Membranes: 56 (28 x 2 trains)
Permeate Flow: 100m3/hr x 2
Application: Cooling Tower blowdown wastewater recycle in a power plant

QUA Solution

The OEM chose QUA’s Q-SEP® hollow fiber UF membranes as the ultrafiltration solution for the project due to its high water quality output compared to other UF membrane suppliers. Q-SEP modules successfully met the plant’s requirements due to their low fouling characteristics, uniform pore size distribution and large surface area which provided high operating efficiency and reliable operation.

Due to its key membrane characteristics, QUA was able to offer lesser number of modules compared to other manufacturers.

QUA provided exceptional pre-sales engineering support to the integrated service provider in designing the UF system, which ensured efficient and successful installation at site and subsequent commissioning and performance.

The Q-SEP system comprises of two trains of 28 modules each. The system is designed to operate in the dead-end mode. The UF system has been operational since February 2018. It has been performing satisfactorily and is able to provide a consistent permeate output of 100m3/hr in each train. The trans-membrane pressure (TMP) has been consistently below 1 bar. Chemical Enhanced Backwash (CEB) is done once a day. The output SDI is consistently below 3 since startup.


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