Project Description

Project Overview


Gujarat is a water scarce region and Nirma wanted to treat seawater to augment water supply at their plant and reduce dependence on rain water. When Nirma expanded their facility to include a new soda ash plant and a new power plant, they had an increased requirement for fresh water, and selected Aquatech as the EPC contractor to design and supply the new 25 MLD Seawater RO system. Aquatech selected QUA’s Q-SEP® hollow fiber membranes as the pretreatment to SWRO system because of the unique features the membrane offers.


Q-SEP Model: Q-SEP® 6008
Total Q-SEP Membranes: 170
Permeate Flow: 510 m3/hr
Application: Seawater Treatment


QUA Solution


Q-SEP® Ultrafiltration (UF) skid for Nirma comprises of 170 membranes arranged in a five row configuration with each row having 34 membranes. The sub headers of individual rows are connected to a main header.

QUA’s Q-SEP membranes are able to produce water with
a low silt density index (SDI) due to their narrow pore size distribution. The lower product SDI leads to less frequent and easier cleaning of downstream RO membranes. Q-SEP’s ability to provide high quality water for RO systems allows it to be an integral solution for seawater desalination systems.


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