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How QUA Is Reducing Risk In A Water-Scarce World

QUA’s Devesh Sharma recently discussed how we are working to reduce risk in our water-scarce world. You can read the article below. We believe the greatest value we offer our clients is being a partner that helps them manage their water risk. That means understanding and proactively addressing everything that water risk entails. Managing water risk […]

QUA’s Q-SEP Technology Helps Automobile Manufacturer Expand Plant

An automobile manufacturing company in India had set up a new plant and was looking to expand their effluent treatment to treat the increased effluent. The client chose QUA’s Q-SEP Ultrafiltration modules, which successfully met the plant’s requirements by providing high operating efficiency and reliable operation. To read the full profile click here.

QUA Will be Attending Aquatech Mexico

QUA will be attending Aquatech Mexico. The event will take place from September 4-6 at the Mexico Room in Mexico City. QUA will be located at booth #619 in the USA Pavilion. At this show, QUA will be featuring our EnviQ technology. QUA’s EnviQ® flat sheet submerged ultrafiltration membranes have been specially developed to improve the ease of operation and […]

EnviQ Replaces Outdated System for Auto Ancillary Plant

An Auto Ancillary plant located in Chennai, India was in need of a new water treatment solution. The water treatment system that they were currently using was outdated, resulting in frequent breakdowns. This meant that the client had to spend time shutting the system down and repairing the damage before returning to work. In addition, the […]

Featured Solution: QSEP®

You may know about ultrafiltration membranes, so what makes QUA’s QSEP ultrafiltration membranes unique? In short, QSEP UF membranes offer high quality filtration, better availability and reliability at a lower capex and opex to consumers. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane process used to remove suspended solids, colloidal matter, high molecular-weight substances, bacteria and viruses from various feed water sources. UF membranes […]

QUA Helps Detergent Manufacturer Reduce Dependence on Rain Water

Nirma is a multi-sector FMCG brand, headquartered in Gujarat in western India. Nirma manufactures products ranging from cosmetics, soaps, detergents, salt, soda ash, lab products and injectables. It is not only the largest selling detergent brand in India but also world number one in soda ash capacity. Nirma has about 18,000+ employees and annual turnover of […]

QUA’s QSEP Technology Helps Textile Plant Meet Environmental Regulations

A textile plant in India was in need of a way to treat and recycle the wastewater they were producing. The plant had a limited availability of fresh water and faced new environmental regulations that forced the plant to treat their wastewater before discharging it back into the environment. The client found QUA Q-SEP® hollow fiber UF membranes to be the […]

QUA’s FEDI Technology Used to Protect The Nile River

QUA is an innovator of advanced membrane technologies that manufactures and provides filtration products to address the most demanding water challenges. One of these challenging projects was for the Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO). ETHYDCO is a joint venture company established with the purpose to produce Ethylene, Butadiene and their derivatives (Polyethylene, Poly Butadiene). As part of ETHYDCO’s petrochemical complex […]

Featured Solution: CeraQ™

You may know about ceramic membranes, so what makes QUA’s CeraQ™ technology unique? In short, CeraQ™ ceramic membranes offers high quality filtration and reliability at a low cost to consumers. Our ceramic membranes have proprietary coating which ensures long service life and a high degree of permanence recovery. Other features of CeraQ™ modules include their durability and material stability cleaning the membrane with aggressive solvents if required. To […]

QUA Project Featured Membrane Technology Magazine

QUA‘s QSEP® technology was recently utilized my Aquatech to complete a project for one of the largest detergent brands in the world. The company wanted to treat seawater to augment water supply at their plant and reduce dependence on rain water. The company selected Aquatech as the EPC contractor to design and supply the new 25 MLD Seawater RO system. Aquatech […]