Project Description


An award-winning beverage manufacturer in India required a demineralized water system for its power plant boiler application in its manufacturing facility in Daman, India. The client is a global producer of a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Since Daman is a water-stressed region, the client was required to reduce their fresh water intake at their manufacturing facility. They were looking for a reliable process scheme to recycle and reuse the plant effluent being generated from many sources such as cooling tower blow-down, boiler blowdown and wastewater from the bottle washing process. The combined effluent is a harsh mix of high hardness, silica and total dissolved solids.

The beverage manufacturer appointed a renowned consultant to evaluate and recommend a reliable pretreatment and demineralization process to achieve the required final pro duct water quality suitable for boiler make up water. The scheme finalized consisted of pretreatment followed by two pass RO followed by electrodeionization as a final polisher.

Though the selected scheme comprised of two pass RO, the consultant decided to design the electrodeionization system to tolerate high hardness upto 2 ppm as CaCO 3 in the feed. This required correct selection of the EDI technology to ensure that the system would not require frequent chemical cleaning on account of presence of high hardness and would provide a consistent and reliable operation. After detailed evaluation of various EDI options, the customer found QUA® Fractional Electrodeionization (FEDI®) to be most suitable for their requirement, due to its capability to operate at higher hardness in comparison to other conventional EDI technologies.


QUA Solution

FEDI Model: FEDI-2-DV-30X
Flow: 10 m3/hr
No. of Stacks: 5
Conductivity: <0.1 µS/cm
Application: High purity water for boiler make-up

Based on the consultant’s specifications, QUA supplied 5 FEDI-2-DV-30X stacks for this application requiring 10 m3/hr of product flow.
The FEDI system has been in operation since March 2019 on a continuous basis, and has been consistently providing high-quality water since start-up.The product water quality has been consistently less than 0.1microS/cm, which meets the client’s requirement for high purity water.

The FEDI units have required limited maintenance since startup and provide a consistent product flow of 10 m3/hr. The client has been using the FEDI treated water for boiler make-up and has been able to reduce their fresh water intake, for a more sustainable, long-term solution.


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