Project Description


A specialty agricultural chemical manufacturer required a demineralized water system for its manufacturing facility in Sharjah, UAE. The facility produces a wide range of surfactant and emulsier products for the pesticide, insecticide, fungicide & herbicide industries around the world.

The client was looking for a reliable pretreatment and demineralization process of municipal source water to achieve the required nal product water quality suitable for their process to manufacture surfactants and Urea. The scheme finalized consisted of pretreatment followed by two pass RO followed by electrodeionization (EDI) as a nal polisher.

It was important to the client to select the right EDI technology was critical to ensure that the system
could operate in varying feed water conditions without requiring frequent chemical cleaning, and
provide a consistent and reliable operation. After a detailed evaluation of various EDI options, the
customer found QUA® Fractional Electrodeionization (FEDI®) to be most suitable for their requirement due to QUA’s vast experience in successfully treating feed waterwith varying parameters using FEDI.

QUA Solution

FEDI Model: FEDI-2-SV-30X
Flow: 2.2 m/hr
No. of Stacks: 1
Conductivity: <0.06μS/cm
Application: Process water for Surfactant and Urea manufacturing


QUA supplied FEDI-2-30X SV stack for this application requiring 2.2 m3/hr of product ow. The FEDI system has successfully been in operation since November 2019 and the product water quality has been consistently less than 0.06microS/cm. This meets the client’s requirement of consistent, high purity water for their chemical manufacturing process.


The following graph shows the product water conductivity trend:

FEDI Average Product Conductivity Consistently Less than 0.06 microS/cm


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