Project Description


A pharmaceutical manufacturer’s plant in Himachal Pradesh, India, required high purity water for manufacturing of their range of various pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical products. The manufacturer selected a process scheme for a high purity water system, comprising of pretreatment followed by two pass reverse osmosis (RO) followed by electrodeionization (EDI). The required high purity water system capacity was 5m /hr. At this ow rate, the requirement called for two EDI stacks configuration in parallel operation.


QUA Solution

FEDI Model: FEDI-2HF-30X
Flow: 5 m/hr (22 gpm)
No. of Stacks: 1
Conductivity: <0.5 μS/cm
Application: High purity water for pharmaceutical application

Due to a higher capital cost required for using a two EDI stack configuration, the client was looking for the optimal solution that would accommodate the use of a single EDI stack to deliver a high ow rate. After detailed technical and commercial evaluation, QUA’s FEDI-2-HF-30X stack was selected for the application due to its ability to deliver high ow rate in a single stack configuration, resulting in capex savings for the client.

QUA’s Fractional Electrodeionization (FEDI) high ow (HF) stacks are designed for operation after double pass reverse osmosis. The stack has the ability to produce high purity water at a high ow
rate using a patented “Split Flow EDI” technology.

The salient features of the FEDI HF stacks are:

High stack ow up to 8.4 m /hr (37 gpm)

Lower capex costs due to reduction in footprint
Low operating costs
High recoveries
Superior product quality up to 16
Meet water specications for various high purity water applications

QUA supplied a single FEDI-2HF-30X stack for this application requiring 5 m/hr of product ow.


The FEDI high ow stack has been in operation since December 2016 on a continuous basis. The product water quality has been consistently less than 0.5 microS/cm, which meets the customer’s requirement. The following graph shows the product water conductivity trend from 2018 to 2020. QUA’s FEDI is successfully providing a consistent high purity water solution for the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s process requirements.

FEDI Average Product Conductivity consistently less than 0.5 microS/cm