Project Description


A global pharmaceutical instrument and system manufacturer, located in Northern India, required
consistent high purity, pharmaceutical grade water for their process. The process scheme chosen to
produce high purity water consisted of a softener, a reverse osmosis system and an electrodeionization (EDI) unit as the nal polisher to achieve the desired water conductivity.

The client’s existing electrodeionization system, with another manufacturer’s EDI, was not able to
deliver the desired product water quality, below 1S/cm. This was due to variable feed water conditions, primarily due to presence of CO  in the water. As a result, their production was adversely affected and the client faced a shutdown. Service also became a key issue as the customer was not satisfied with the existing EDI manufacturer’s support.

They urgently started exploring other EDI options, with the least lead time for delivery. They expected the EDI supplier to understand the problem and work closely with them to resolve the quality concerns at the earliest possible.


QUA Solution

FEDI Model: FEDI-2-10Rx
No. of Streams: 1 x 3.3 gpm (1 x 0.75 m/hr)
Conductivity: 0.06 S/cm

After a detailed technical evaluation, the client elected QUA’s FEDI®-2-10Rx as a perfect t for their requirement. FEDI-Rx is a flexible solution that allows for more tolerance to feed water fluctuations, thus reducing cleaning frequency. The FEDI-Rx series stacks can be hot water sanitized at 85°C water temperature. The wetted components of the stacks conrm to US FDA requirements, are CE certied, and come with tri-clover end connections. FEDI-Rx stacks can produce water quality up to 18 megaOhms.

Since delivery time was critical to ensure uninterrupted production, QUA delivered FEDI-Rx in two days, enabling the client to resume production immediately. QUA’s dedicated technical support
team provided outstanding pre and post-sales support, to the client, and QUA’s representative was present at site throughout commissioning. The client’s operation team was given comprehensive
training on the operation of FEDI-Rx, and troubleshooting. QUA has been closely monitoring the site along with the client’s operations team, to ensure smooth operation of the FEDI system.



The FEDI-Rx module was commissioned in 2015, and has been delivering consistent high purity water of conductivity less than 1 microS/cm since then. The following graph, representing the product water conductivity trend over a period of time, shows how QUA’s FEDI has been successfully providing a consistent high purity water solution for the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s process requirements.

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