Project Description

Project Background

Petrogas LLP, one of the world’s largest oil rehabilitation companies, required demineralized water for a new boiler component to its Turkmenistan refinery.

Petrogas chose to install a single-pass reverse osmosis system in advance of the demineralization process.
For demineralization, Petrogas carefully evaluated its options to determine which one would provide the most reliable and effective solution. Electrodeionization was selected as the best available solution for this application.feature_fedi2

Location: Turkmenistan
FEDI Model: FEDI-2 HF 30X
No. of Streams: 2 x 231 gpm (2 x 52.5 m3/hr)
No. of Stacks: 16
Silica as SiO2: < 20 ppb
Conductivity: < 0.1 mS/cm

QUA Solution

QUA’s FEDI-2 HF was selected for demineralization of the water treatment process at the facility because of
its capability to deliver high-quality water at a high flow. FEDI enabled the system to be more compact while also providing a robust solution.

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